Hildam Design Co. offers five different types of delivery, dependent upon the shipping destination. The five different options are:

  • Local Pick-up (Niagara-Hamilton Region Only)
  • Niagara Region
  • Greater Toronto, Hamilton Area (GTHA)
  • Canadian Orders Outside of GTHA
  • Contiguous United States Orders

For shipping to destinations outside of North America, please directly contact Hildam Design Co. to discuss further delivery options and export.

Local Pick-Up

This delivery option is only reserved for orders placed from within the Niagara-Hamilton Area of Ontario. We kindly request that to ensure the proper handling of your order, all pick-ups are scheduled with a staff member. With using Local Pick-Up, payment can be made upon pick-up at the boutique. Please contact the boutique to schedule a pick-up.

Niagara Region

Delivery within the Niagara Region can be arranged for a flat rate. We will have your order process and off to your front door within 2 to 4 business days. We can deliver to the Niagara Region year-round, regardless of temperature.

Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA)

GTHA orders can be processed and off to your front door within 3 to 5 business days for delivery. Please note that contingent upon weather, hot temperatures may delay the shipment of your order if it contains candles or other temperature susceptible products.

Canadian Orders Outside of GTHA

All Canadian orders outside of GTHA are shipped using Canada Post or UPS. Canadian Orders can take up to 4 days to a week for delivery. Prices will vary per shipment. Please contact the boutique to arrange a preferred shipping option.

Contiguous United States Orders

All contiguous United States orders are shipped using Canada Post, USPS or UPS. American orders can take up to 7 days to two weeks for delivery. Prices will vary per shipment. Please contact the boutique to arrange a preferred shipping option.

Holiday Delivery

During the Easter and Christmas seasons, delivery outside of the Niagara Area may take up to 10 business days. It is important that you allow that much time in advance for gift ordering.

Inclement Weather Policy

Hildam Design Co. does not want to see you upset with your order. It is why, within the Hot and Cold months of the year, we implement an inclement weather policy for deliveries. With the cold, winter months and hot summer days, we reserve the right to delay shipping your order until a further date where we are comfortable the order will be safe to travel to your front door. Nobody would like to open their shipment of candles, to discover that the hot temperature has melted the wax.

Damaged Shipments

In the event of a damaged shipment, Hildam Design Co. requests that the customer notifies the boutique of any damaged or broken products within 2 days of taking possession of your order. We understand that not all orders are shipped to the purchaser; therefore the boutique shall try our best to accommodate accordingly.


Please see our return policy here for more information.