Best Apps For DIY Home Renovations

With more and more technology being introduced into home renovations, why are we still doing processes the only fashioned way? With more cell phones in homes then computers, it only makes sense that the first resource most modern DIYer’s will reach for is the one in their pocket. With Android and iOS cell phones, DIYer’s have access to an unlimited number of resources to help, such as calculators, websites, video tutorials, augmented reality and apps galore. With so many different options out there, which is the best option for you? That is why we are going to take a look at 14 of the best apps for DIY home renovations.

Best Apps For DIY Home Renovations

14. Apple Measure App  

Now included in all devices running iOS 12, Apple’s Measure app is a quick way to get an approximate measurement of an object. By utilizing augmented reality and the hardware within your iPhone, the app can allow you to know the size of anything.

With the ability to gauge the size of objects quickly, it also automatically can detect the dimensions of rectangular objects, as well as save a copy of the measurement photo for reference in the future.

In addition to the ability to measure objects, the app also includes a built-in level utility, thanks to the iPhones accelerometer. See if picture frames are hung right or if flat surfaces are level.

13. Woodcraft  

Have you ever stuck staring at a pile of lumber in the middle of Home Depot, trying to imagine what the finished project is going to look like? We know we have many times! That is why we started to use Woodcraft. Costing $27.99, Woodcraft allows us to quickly draft up a visual model of what we are imagining before we lug around that massive 6”x6” beam.

By combining together CAD files and 3d elements, you will be able to design your project quickly, generate a bill of materials, export a shopping list and eliminate wood waste. 

12. Woodworking with the Wood Whisperer   

Learn from the one and only wood whisperer! With 100’s of articles and projects at your fingertips, there will undoubtedly be something that catches your eye. With detailed, step by step guides and in-depth videos, enjoy having the entire wood whisperer’s catalogue of work at your fingertips. 

11. I.D. Wood  

How many times have you stumbled across an unidentifiable piece of wood? Be it working with used pallets from your workplace or your friends leftover wood from their garage? With over 200 different woods in its database, I.D. Wood is one of the apps that every woodworker needs in their pocket. 

10. Woodmaster  

After going back and forth with my brother if we should call this app the swiss army knife for woodworkers, we’re going to let you guys decide for yourself. With more features you can shake a stick at, we love having the board foot calculator as well as the conversion feature in the palm of our hand.

On top of that, we use the fractional calculator option all the time when sizing up boards and the screw size charts when determining the correct hole size.  The only major complaint we have with the app is the waste of space on some of the screens. Ideally, we would like to see more information on the length converter or fraction pages, as opposed to only the top third being used. 

9. Color Capture

With any kind of DIY home renovation, you will need to have the best app for choosing the perfect color. Most likely at the point in your project where you have to finish it. Typically, this is done through stains, clear coats or our favourite, paints. This last one though is a bit of a nightmare if you have to match an existing colour. That is where Color Capture by Benjamin Moore comes in.

Just take a picture of the original colour and the app will show you what it thinks the colour is. With over 3000 different paint colors, you shouldn’t have an issue finding a match, and if you ever need to match the colour again in the future, the app has a built-in photo library so you can save all your matched colors.

8. Basic Angle Finder

We love this app for 3 main reasons; ease of use, convenience, and cost. Firstly, this app does what it sets out to do; find the angle. Start off by setting your phone starting position, then just moving it around horizontally or vertically will calculate the angle of movement from its starting position. We find this app is great when we are in a pinch and need to see if our saw blade is true to our cutting service or fence.

7. The Home Depot

Bring the entire Home Depot product offering to an optimized user experience makes this a fantastic app. Search by product description, SKU, or barcode for any product possible in the store. If you need some inspiration, the app also included a few dozen How-To guides, ranging from toilet installation to wall painting. The best feature is having your order done through the app and having it ready for pick-up at your closest store. The cons of the Home Depot app were the slow loading times, but we know that also depends on your download speeds.

6. Laser Level for Walls and Surfaces

Most DIYer’s will find themselves having to hang some form of artwork on the wall, be it painting, photo or something else. You finish hammering in the nail, place the art on the wall and step back to see it is hanging way too far to the left! That is where we resort to the Laser Level app. Laser Level gives you a digital grid on your screen to help align anything you would like. Finally get your favourite picture collage on the wall in alignment or hang your recent vacation photos. We do find there is a bit of a lag between the grid lines on the screen and the image being shown through the phone’s camera. So we suggest just taking a second to make sure it’s hung right.

5. Magicplan

This app is a new one to me, even though it has been around the app store for quite a while now. I was talking with my wife about what size our baby’s nursery was going to be for a DIY home renovations project. So we started chatting about what features we want to change when I realized I need to have a floor plan of the existing room for reference. So I dig out my tape measure, ruler, paper, and pencil to start creating a scaled down floor plan. As I was halfway through crawling on the floor with my pencil in my mouth and my tape in my hands, my wife takes out her iPhone and starts stitching together a floor plan of the room on her phone! I was surprised at how accurate the measurements were (for our use case, it was perfect!) We did not get a chance to use the estimate and reporting features for this app, mostly because our use did not need it, but they are available for your convenience.

4. The Woodshop Widget  

We know that the woodmaster app included on this list does share a lot of the same features as The Woodshop Widget, but what we use on a monthly basis it the Shellac calculate. It is fantastic being able to mix or dilute the exact amount needed to complete our projects without the worry of getting the ratio wrong. With us being metric in Canada, we don’t have to worry about converting the manufacturer’s instructions from Imperial anymore, as the app does it with an easy tap

3. WoodH2O

Greenwood, dry wood, Kiln wood, there is an abundance of different moisture content levels of wood across any and all species of wood. But at the end of the day what moisture content do we want for our projects? That is where WoodH2O comes in. WoodH2O provides DIYer’s of any size a simple, easy to use EMC Calculator. Also, it includes tips & tricks, as well as solutions for everyday moisture related issues, such as cupping or crowning, wood finishes, end splitting, and much more.

2. Pinterest  

We know Pinterest can be a polarizing subject for a lot of DIYer’s out there since people are becoming desensitized to the amount of work goes into creating a beautiful reno. On the other hand, though, Pinterest is a fantastic place to find inspiration for new projects, especially with its visual layout. So remember, the next time someone says they exclusively build with 2x4s and pocket holes, everyone has to start somewhere! This one might end up being the best apps for DIY home renovations as it is a constant source of new inspiration.

1. The Notes App

The notes app is easily the best apps for DIY home renovations on our phones. Period. Having the ability and convenience of a readily accessible way to jot down ideas at a moment’s notice has been a blessing more times than we can count. We also love the ability to draw out an idea with the different options quickly. So the next time you are walking through Walmart and see something that you can easily recreate for half the price, write a note! That way, you will not forget it.

There you have it! The 14 best apps for DIY home renovations that are available right now. If there are any apps that we missed and you feel should be included on this list, let us know in the comments below. We love to hear from you all about what apps you use!